Travel: Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Date Visited: January 2018

Hey Everyone!

This one is going to be a bit different compared to my other travel blogs as we visited a resort but really did not do much snowboarding at all! That means I can't really talk about the ski area or the town but it was still a great memory so I've decided to write about it anyway. We were brought to Garmisch-Partenkirchen as a guest of ISPO OnSnow - the media event that preceded the ISPO Munich convention we exhibited at. Garmisch sits write on the German-Austrian border, not far from Munich; locals told me that if you were travelling from Munich they sell train/ski pass combos.

Where it began.

We were invited to the ISPO OnSnow media event for being finalists of the ISPO Brandnew award and it seemed too good an opportunity to miss as there were some very well-known brands attending, which would capture the audience easily.

On arrival there was a bit of "drama" as they had informed us we'd be sleeping on the mountain at the first station. This was quite exciting as we had never stayed on the mountain before and now that we've done it, I'm not sure we'd do it again!

Sleeping on the Mountain!

It was a quaint, cabin-like hostel which was very affordable and is primarily the reason that drew us in but by golly it was freezing!! Very Bavarian in it's look, and seems as though it had stood the test of time. The heating hadn't been put on before our arrival and the room temperature was at 0˚C. So our first action was to put on the heating and get to work. We had to get straight to work, then meet the others for dinner so the heating would have been on 10-odd hours before we got back to the room but the thermometer had only gone up to 4˚C... What is more is we later found out we had to pay for a shower, which was a euro for 2 minutes so we decided to risk it for the sake of 1 night. Having a sink shower in 4˚C really gets the circulation going!

Trying to sleep was simultaneously hard and easy. We both ended up sleeping in our thermals & pyjamas and the hotel provided us with some huge down duvets which really are amazing insulators. The only problem is if you toss & turn you wake up pretty abruptly to a freezing bed and have to work on heating it up again!

I honestly recommend you try it once in your life - but I wouldn't go for it on a romantic get away xD.

Working on the mountain.

This is where I want to be everyday for work!! The first day was a half day, and primarily was filming for the ISPO OnSnow coverage so it was nice and we got to do some boarding which was awesome but it was really not much more than a 100m run for me. The second day which was the event was an absolute blast! Luckily for us it had dumped over night and was still snowing the next day, which are the best conditions we could hope for, as we were showcasing the PowDaze!

We were set up next to other finalists & the winner of our category and it was great to have that innovative community feel. When the influx of people came through it was a mix of consumers and media who came and talked to us. If you wanted to read anything on what they had to say you should check out the testimonial part of our website - bare in mind a couple bits are in German.

The day ended pretty quickly and so we packed up and headed off! So as you can see we really did very little boarding ourselves, Will got a bit more in than me as he was riding the PowDaze for film crews.

We would 100% like to return as I feel Garmisch-Partenkirchen has a lot to offer and we really did not make the most of it!

If any of you have been to Garmisch-Partenkirchen please leave a comment recommending where to stay!



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