Travel: Flachau

Date of travel: March '18

Written: November '18

Hello Friends,

Welcome back to another resort "review". Last spring we went on a holiday to Flachau on a 7 day trip and here is what we thought!


Flachau is an Austrian resort situated south of Salzburg which is home to a huge ski area. It truly has something for everyone as just down the road is Absolute park in Flachau Winkl, a freestyle haven. Although winter sports is the main attraction to Flachau, I remember distinctly they had a lot of other things going for it e.g. tobogganing, walks, arranged ski nights for socialising and discounts. But overall it has a lot going for it and should be a strong contender when picking your next holiday destination.

The Resort

As briefly mentioned, Flachau's available ski area is HUGE. Even though looking at the ski map there seems to be a lot of red, I would say Flachau is suitable for any beginner. Where we were staying was pretty much where the "Flachau" sign is on the map. So this means that we could get to 2 bottom lifts via a free ski bus; the one to the far left, which is a chairlift and the second one after that, which is a gondola.

This is why I urge that this is a beginner friendly resort because if you get the gondola up, you get taken to this amazing mellow area of blues which is just so much fun to cruise down and get the laps in. In between all these blues there are a few more challenging reds, which are beginner-intermediate level easily. Then at the end of the day, if you have a bit of confidence, you can ride down the red on the far left, which is definitely a bit more of a challenge but you are rewarded nicely by a gorgeous aprés bar just towards the end of the run. If not, you can easily get the gondola back down. It is all so well connected, it is hard not to have a blast when snowboarding here.

There is a gondola that takes you across to the "Wagrain" area, however you have to have your fast ski legs on, or hit it early on in the day because there is a time restraint on that gondola and it would be unfortunate to get stuck on that side as you'd have to pay a pretty penny to get back to Flachau.

The Village

There is not too much to say about Flachau's village because it is pretty non-existent. There is a spar supermarket for picking up snacks/souvenirs in. There were a few restaurants dotted about however, as is the way in Austria, we had full board at our hotel so we only used these restaurants on travel days.

Towards the left of the village, there was a gorgeous bakery, which had fantastic strudel & coffee deals - we may have done that a few times. Then a bit further along there is a bank and if you keep walking towards what was nightclub, there is a gate that holds a few shops & a post office. This is where the souvenir shop was if you like getting memorabilia of your holidays.

There is a bus that takes you back into Salzburg, a historical culturally rich city that is definitely worth a visit. This is excellent if you are travelling with a group of people which don't want to ski everyday.


Flachau is really well connected (for a ski resort). We flew into Salzburg, an international airport, right on the border of Austria and then got a transfer taxi arranged by the hotel. The drive was about 45 minutes, which is amazing compared to other resorts we have been to.

Lastly, we have to ask - would we would we return? Absolutely! We heavily considered it when booking our trips for next season but we just have such an urge to explore more - spoiler alert there will be more travel blogs next year to look forward to!



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