The DIY-Series: Saviour Websites

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

This post is exactly what the title says so there is not much to introduce and so lets jump right in.

One note of caution, a lot of the following are based in the UK, as that is where we are based, but I’m sure you’ll find the equivalent using our holy grail:



www.google.com - It’ll show the local businesses around

www.junksupply.com - The diy snowboard shop, Sweden 

www.entropyresins.eu - It's where we all get it from, Spain

www.eastcoastfibreglass.co.uk  - Fibreglass, UK 

www.diy.com - B&Q website literally the best DIY shop, UK

Equipment & Tools:

www.google.com  - Keep getting to know the locals

www.diy.com - B&Q website and the store is open until 9pm, UK

www.screwfix.com - As you’d imagine, UK

http://uk.rs-online.com/web/ - Really good for pneumatics& electrics, UK

www.alibaba.com - Connecting you to manufacturers, Worldwide, a lot from China


Research & Advice:

www.google.com - Are we seeing a theme yet

www.skibuilders.com - Holds loads of secrets

www.youtube.com - You would be impressed with all the different tutorials you’d find



So I know it’s small but every single one of those websites gave us insight to every inch of our workshop. Now you have knowledge of these, search them and they might point you in the direction to where you need to be.

Peace out,


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