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Hello everyone!

It's been a really long time since I've done any writing and so I'm coming back in full swing with a new blog post outlining everything there is to know about the PowDaze. Just to catch you up, Will and I have invented, prototyped & patented the PowDaze together. Once we thought it was at a standard ready for you guys, we moved manufacturing to a local English factory/snowboard brand DOUK. We are so happy with the product & can't wait to see more of you enjoying it!

What is a PowDaze?

A PowDaze is an attachment to a regular twin tipped snowboard that will boost performance when riding powder snow. It's shape and design was based off the snowsurf movements that Will and I were seeing out in Japan when did some backpacking around there back in 2015.

It is constructed from the same materials that high quality snowboards are made of currently; it has a sintered PTex base, a nylon top sheet, sandwiched layers of fibreglass and extra carbon fibre for strength, a wood core, poured PU sidewalls and steel edges.

The bottom shows the same snowboard with the PowDaze attached

Why do you need a PowDaze?

There are multiple advantages to owning a PowDaze. Firstly, dedicated powder boards can be expensive, the average RRP is around £500. What we're offering with the PowDaze is not having to spend that amount of money and getting the same float advantages in deep snow. It is great if you're just getting into off-piste riding or can't justify investing in a dedicated powder board yet.

The addition of the huge surface area in the nose creates the asymmetrical shape that you see in dedicated powder boards, which all-in-all keeps you lifted without having to lean back, tiring that back leg. By adding the PowDaze you reduce back leg burn and gain back your turning control.

It is half the size of a regular snowboard and so it packs nicely into your board bag and keeps weight down. When you only have 5-10 days on the mountain and you cannot guarantee any fresh snow, it is much easier to pack a PowDaze with you than carrying a second board. Likewise, if there is a huge dump of snow, it only takes 5 minutes to pop on the PowDaze and then enjoy a whole day surfing the powder.

Another huge advantage is that you don't need to re-adjust to a new board. You are still riding your favourite board, just with a lot more surface area in the nose. There is a small edge adjustment you have to get used to when riding piste to get to the powder; you just might not be able to do those deep carves but it's worth it when you feel the difference in the fresh snow. This is also dependant on what size board you are riding with.

Where can you find the PowDaze?

If you want to buy a PowDaze you can do that here from our website. If you are interested in reading more technical information, customer and media reviews you can find that here. There are also lots of pictures and videos on our instagram account - please give it a follow if you want to make my day!

If you would also like to hear more about our journey with creating the PowDaze & bringing it to market leave us a comment and I'll get to writing that.



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