ISPO Munich 2018

Hello All!

Hope all is well - here is a little recap of ISPO Munich 2018 where we were exhibitors!

This is experience was hugely different to the year before as we were there for a whole new purpose.

The Award

The main reason we were attending ISPO is because were finalists in the ISPO BrandNew Award Winter Hardware Category! We applied for the award with our brand new product, The PowDaze.

If you're a bit unsure as to what The PowDaze is - check it out on our website.

This is so exciting for us because this meant out of the 400 start up applicants we made it to the top 10% stand outs. Not only that, the exposure we were about to gain on The PowDaze meant we could really jump start our company.


This is NO joke! 4 long days of chatting to people & telling them your story is exhilarating but can be tough on the legs. We would have never got through it without our friends/colleagues. We had a modest booth, in what I personally think, was the best hall! We were surrounded by all the other innovators in our industry and it was just so nice to be in this atmosphere where people were so exited about what is new to market.

Being in our location was amazing as there was so much traffic drawn to the area, there were always really interesting people to chat to and we even met the Helgasons!

Another amazing perk we got, which could have been just for our experience, is we had amazing neighbours, who also happen to be ISPO Brandnew finalists. They had such fantastic products and we fully recommend you check them out: Hillstrike, FIFTYTEN, Boardie, Kang Ski Poles & The Social Mercenary.

Going back?

ISPO is such a unique experience and we had an absolute blast attending for the past 2 years, both as a guest and an exhibitor. Both experiences were so different and taught us a lot about our industry as well as getting to network & just be somewhere that loves winter as much as we do. Having an ISPO accreditation to our brand supports us in more ways than you can imagine, however there are a lot of costs involved with exhibitions, let alone one with the calibre of ISPO, and that is abroad, so we are unsure of returning for 2019. If you want to keep up to dates with events & where we will be you should follow our instagram & sign up to our email list via our website!



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