ISPO Munich 2017

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

Convention dates: Feb 5th - 8th 2017


ISPO or the International Sporting Goods Trade Fair, is the worlds largest sports convention, seeing 80,000 visitors over the 4 days it runs. There are a few different locations where it take place: Shanghai, Beijing and Munich. The convention started as an easy place to connect European businesses to Asian Manufacturers, however there is so much more to it than that. It is a great place for any sports brands, established or new, to network, get noticed or to browse the new products. If you want anymore information head over to their website.

So if you follow us on any of our social medias, which if you don’t then you definitely should, you would know we recently attended our first ISPO convention in Munich. (Since then we've actually exhibited as well! Blog post coming soon).

Attending as a Guest

So as we haven’t (*this was written pre-launch of the PowDaze) yet launched our product I can imagine you’re wondering why we attended? Well networking was our number one priority and that we did as a number of snowboarding press magazines attend the convention. We also got a good feel for the award winners of the brand new category and being lovers of board sports, it was just a really cool place to explore.

We attended a couple of talks from experienced people in the field, watched a whole load of slack lining (which was bad ass), and looked at every single snowboarding product the fair had to offer! If you're a new brand and you're thinking of attending we really recommend it! It gave us the courage to apply for the ISPO Brand-new Award & left us with a couple of ideas if we were to receive the award.

It was a really cool couple of days and we can’t wait to go back next year with a product to show off!


Tips for Attending

There are a couple of things I wish I'd have known before attending ISPO for the first time as a guest so I thought I'd pass on my wisdom.

1. Bring a backpack. You are going to be walking around for a loooong time and in that time you will be given sample after sample and after a couple of hours you will have no space left to hold anything so be prepared with a backpack.

2. Bring your own food & drink. The basic admittance ticket has one entry per day. This means that once you go in you can't go back out! Ofcourse the convention centre has food & drink stalls but it's a bit like Disneyland... a bit over priced because you can't go anywhere else.

3. Have business cards. This is a bit more for business owners but you're going to meet SO many people so be prepped so you can keep in touch.

Most of all just enjoy yourself. All of your favourite brands be it snowboarding, skiing, surf, supping, skateboarding, running or gymming are going to be there with all their brand new collections so make the most of that!



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