Christmas Gift Guide 2018 - Snowboarders

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Hello all!

December is here and I'm sure we're all getting ready to buy some presents for our friends & family. I have curated a few of our favourite items that we think would make amazing presents to receive for Christmas or any occasion really. All these presents will work for both men & women so I hope it inspires!

Dropping Cash Presents

If you have some extra money and want to wow someone here are our top picks.



Of course we had to include our own product in here. It is just such a great gift for the snowboarder who has to travel to get to snow, doesn't own a powder board & doesn't have a reason to add a pow-board to their quiver yet. Start them off with a PowDaze, snowboard add-on.

Buy it here!

GoPro Hero 7 - Black


Really wow the adventurers in your life who love to capture the moment and relive it forever. GoPro has enough of a reputation to allow this product to speak for itself but they have truly outdone themselves with this release.

Buy it here!

Avalanche Kit

£50.00 - £500.00

This you can really tailor to the person you're buying for. If they are new to going off-piste they probably have to pick up a lot of this kit so why not help them out. All serious free-riders need to carry:

- a beacon

- a shovel

- a probe

Then consider avalanche backpacks & airbag backpacks to top off the kit.

"This is Amazing!" Presents

These next few ideas are my mid-range gifts where you're still impressing but the prices are all £100 & under.

Avalanche Course

€30.00 - €60.00

Following the last gift suggestion I thought this would fit in nicely. Anyone who wants to start free riding needs to know what they're doing as you can get into a sticky situation quickly when out in the back country. You can really spend or save here. In-person courses can get expensive so why not buy someone an online course; such as the ones offered on we powder.

Buy it here!

When they're ready they can amp up their experience with an in-person avalanche safety course away in the alps!



An absolute essential for anyone into winter sports. Why not treat someone to a new pair - especially those who think duck tape is a suitable form of outerwear!

This pair we've selected is just one of many out there but we've always loved Dakine's mittens. Warm & waterproof and look good.

This you can really tailor depending on budget.

Buy it here!

Base Layers


Burton has hit the nail on the head when it comes to base layers. Everything they put out does the job perfectly & keeps you looking good whilst doing so.

Every boarder needs to keep warm so topping up their thermal collection will never be a bad thing.

Buy it here!

Not Breaking the Bank Presents

These next ideas are a bit smaller but will be appreciated all the same.



Pretty self explanatory - you can get this dashing one off of our website! (We also have a few other bits if you're looking for inspiration).

Buy it here!


£33.00 (for 2 pairs)

This one is another one of those things every snowboarder can't have enough of! Get the size of their feet right and you can't go wrong!

Useful & a great present always. Again Burton just kills the game with base layers so it's a great starting place when shopping.

Buy it here!

Water Bottle


Support smaller snowboard brands with this awesome We Drink Water insulated bottle. We've had ours for a couple years now and they're extremely durable & do the job of keeping you hydrated! It's also great to help keep our planet plastic free!

Buy it here!


~$20 (for 5-6)

These re-usable hand warmers are the perfect stocking stuffer! They are awesome as all you have to do is dunk them into boiling water to re-heat. Again minimising waste and staying warm.

There are many out on the market but these ones seemed pretty cool.

Buy it here!

I hope this has helped out with some of your shopping this ideas this holiday season. If you have any more suggestions please leave it in the comments!

Merry Christmas from everyone here at ALLWINTER!



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