2018 Re-Cap

Hello Everyone!

First of all Happy New Year!! We hope you have a great 2019 & make the most of this new chapter. It always seems to be a good time to change the things that you weren’t quite happy with the last year & reflect on your goals for the year to come.

On that note, as I was assembling our 2018 appreciation post for our social media, I realised we actually had a extremely exciting year and figured I would expand on it here. First of all, we would not have had such a great year without the support from all of you - so thank you!

Garmisch Parten-Kirchen

We did not have a slow start to January. The early days we were in the workshop building as many PowDaze as we could to take to Germany with us to ISPO. By the 17th we were packing up the car and on the road to Germany. We had been given this opportunity through ISPO OnSnow, they had invited us to present the PowDaze at their media event on the slopes. Although it was a quick trip (only 1 night) it was so worth it, for all the media articles & locals trying the PowDaze that came from it. Also getting to meet the other finalists in our category. Read more about it here.

ISPO Munich

ISPO was an absolute whirlwind. First of all, having the opportunity to exhibit as a finalist was a great impact in getting our brand out there. We had attended the exhibition once before but as guests so we had an inkling for what we were in for; however, this time was even more impressive. Again you can read more about that trip here.

Flachau & Canada

Any opportunity to get the PowDaze out the mountain is one we’re going to take! We were lucky enough to spend pretty much the whole of March on the slopes. Now we didn’t get too many powder days but that is the beauty of the PowDaze is that it’s less investment, easy to travel with & is there when you need it.

Both resorts are gorgeous & have had their own resort reviews coming so stay tuned!! You can read about Flachau here.

New Apparel

If buying a PowDaze isn't something you're able/want to do but love the concept or you simply are not a snowboarder, shopping our apparel is the easiest way to support us. Someone DM-ed us saying they love the Mountains logo but would love it in a cap and we thought actually that is a fabulous idea! So if you ever want to get in contact with us about a great idea you might have, we read everything & sometimes can bring your ideas to life.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us by buying apparel - it helps more than you can imagine.

Starting to work with DOUK Snowboards

When we had the confidence that the PowDaze deserved a place on the market, we decided to partner up with a snowboard factory to help us manufacture for the next season. These guys are quality & offer the opportunity for you to custom build your own board. The best bit is it’s all British made - so when you buy a PowDaze it is a quality British product! Check them out here.

Pre-orders are open!

This was an exciting moment for us as we knew we were really putting the last few years of hard work to the test. It was received extremely well and we couldn’t wait for the launch date! Be sure to sign up to our email list if you want exclusive shopping rights & to be first to know about everything ALLWINTER.

The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Festival - The Launch of the PowDaze

With ISPO under our belt we were revved up and excited to get to the Ski & Snowboard Festival. This one we knew would be a bit easier as we were only trekking down to London rather than across borders to Germany. There is a heavy influence on the ski in the Ski & Snowboard Festival however it was so exciting to meet so many British snowboarders stoked on the idea. A sale later & the expansion of our brand we were stoked that we chose the event to launch the PowDaze.

The Media Mentions & Customer Reviews

So as I briefly mentioned, all of the events we have attended have reached a lot of media reviews, which can be seen on our website here. The highlight has to be making it into the Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Magazine as one of their most wanted items for 2018/19 season!! 

It is insane to think about just how far the PowDaze has travelled through our customers but so far it’s been ridden in Japan, Canada, Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland & more to come this season!! If you are ever interested in hearing what our customers have to say you can read about it here. We are excited for more to come out soon!

Back to Canada

Flying back to such a special place for some R&R, having an amazing end to an amazing year! Be prepared for this to be a location that comes back again & again.

December 31st 2018 

It’s New Years Eve & we’ve woken up to fresh snow, blue skies and a PowDaze order. What an amazing day to leave 2018 on and a great omen for 2019.

Anyway that’s enough from me now.



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