Frequently asked questions

What is a PowDaze?

The PowDaze is the world's first snowboard attachment that increases float when riding powder. You can find loads more information & an instructional video here: https://www.allwintersnowboarding.com/powdaze

Will the PowDaze fit my board?

The PowDaze currently is a one size fits most product. This means unfortunately there is a range of boards that it will work best with. We recommend anywhere between a 143 womens - 162 W mens. The limiting factor is the nose width of your board. Anything under 31 cm will fit however, if your board is extremely narrow your turning control will be comprimised. If you order the board & have a less-than-perfect fit, we have do have a returns policy which you can read here: https://www.allwintersnowboarding.com/shipping-returns For a more in depth information read here: https://www.allwintersnowboarding.com/powdaze

Why do I need a PowDaze?

Different boards are made for different snow conditions. In general: - Twin-tipped snowboards are symmetrical in the nose & tail, perfect for resort riding, freestyle and riding switch, but they sink in powder without a lot of effort put into riding. - Directional boards generally have a slightly longer nose than tail. These 'all mountain boards' work best on-piste and can be taken into the park or powder but don't excel in either. - Powder specific boards have a much bigger nose than tail, which makes them float in powder. These boards often suffer on-piste due to the shape designed solely for powder. The majority of snowboarders will buy themselves a twin tipped board, potentially moving onto a directional board as they find out what type of rider they are. Snowboards are already a pretty huge investment (£300 upwards) & powder specific boards are an even bigger investment (£500 upwards). There is a market for powder boards because they are immensely better on the deep days. Having natural float from the board means you use less energy riding, can ride more aggressively, with better style, and more turning control in powder. Powder boards are amazing on a powder day but don't give you much on a normal day riding in resort. This leaves us with two options, splash out on a powder board and take two snowboards with us on every trip, or do the best we can with our everyday board in powder. There is now a third option, a PowDaze is a perfect alternative to buying a second board just for powder as it is only a £180 investment, fits snugly into the snowboard bag without the weight of a second board & when attached onto the board mimics that shape found in the powder specific boards. With a larger nose surface area, you no longer have to lean back to keep the nose floating. It is perfect for someone who has to travel to find snow and removes the risk of buying a second board just for powder when snow is not garuanteed on your trip. It is also explained with diagrams in an instructional video here: https://www.allwintersnowboarding.com/powdaze

Does it work on piste?

In short, yes. Riding piste to get to powder is completely fine & easy to do with a PowDaze attached to your board. You can still ride switch & do little jibs/jumps as you would without the PowDaze. For footage of this visit: www.allwintersnowboarding.com/powdaze Due to how the PowDaze is attached, all of the major contact points of your board are still on the snow when riding on piste. If you make a deep carve, then you will start to reach the edges of the PowDaze. The PowDaze is designed with a steel edge for this reason, which will give you more control when riding to get to the powder. If your board is on the smaller end of our size guide range, then your on-piste turning might feel "twitchy" and will need getting used to. Just note, the PowDaze is not a carving product & does not claim to make any improvements to on-piste performance.

Will the PowDaze damage my board?

In three seasons of testing not one snowboard has been damaged by a PowDaze.

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